Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

It has been a week since the world witnessed in wonder as the glittering and staggering opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic games explode into the nighttime sky of Beijing.

Beijing Olympic Pictograms

Beijing Olympic Pictograms

I have not seen the live opening ceremony last 08/08/08 as I was busy with some other works back in the Philippines. Good thing though we have Youtube and the untiring people who love to post the videos, thanks to them, I was able to watch the ceremony.

Beijing Olympics Mascots

Beijing Olympics Mascots

As to this writing, the medal counts reveal the host country China leads the Gold medal tally with 22 followed by United States of America with 13, then Germany with 8 and Australia with 5 Golds. I bet you USA will catch up with the medal standing as the swimmer Michael Phelps continue on to bag his 6th gold medals in the pool.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Medals

Beijing 2008 Olympic Medals

LZR Racer high-tech Swimsuit

LZR Racer high-tech Swimsuit

Here is the video of the Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony. Enjoy!

That is the beauty of Olympic Sports, gathering all peoples into one through the language of sports. One World One Dream indeed. The Bird’s Nest Stadium is attention catcher, I love the design. What is striking to me is the disabled athletes, for they are proving to the world that anything is possible.

Beijing Olympic Stadium "Bird's Nest"

Beijing Olympic Stadium

PHOTO CREDIT: Here is the link to the website Designer Daily


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